Gallery of Spiritual Love & Wisdom

People who come to Agra often their thoughts to love, it was love that made the Taj Mahal one of the great wonders of the world. The love of Emperor Shah Jahan for his young and beautiful wife, snatched away from him unexpectedly by death. His gift of love could not prevent destiny from separating them.

The Brahma Kumaris have created this “Art GALLERY” to share with you the experience of God’s love. God’s love is not limited by time or distance, nor ruptured by death or separation. The Power of this love restores purity to the heart, and gives the strength to live in truth.

The Art Gallery is devoted to awaking spiritual love and wisdom. Here you will also find deep secrets of time and destiny. Art, color and poetry leads you through you own story gives you the space to experience the sweetness of It is built as a large shell that holds the knowledge of spirituality like a precious pearl.

The shell floats in a pool of gently moving water that flow like a never ending fountain of live. We enter the building by crossing a bridge, leaving behind the hectic and materialistic life, and going into a world of peace, harmony and love. Sefi Kiriarty is the architect of this building.